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How to Avoid Debt Burnout While Getting Help with Your Debt

If you have sought help with your debt you might be feeling a sense of relief right now. You’re getting your finances back on the right track. On the other hand, some people feel as though they must eliminate enjoyable activities and make debt repayment their entire focus. Sticking to a plan and seeing it through always comes with a great sense of accomplishment, but it is also important to maintain a balance in your financial life to avoid feeling as though you are missing out. When debt repayment becomes the main focus of your family or your personal life, […]

Finding a Balance Between Debt and Life (Infographic)

Being Debt Free: A Distant Goal? (Infographic)

Now is the Time to Look Into Debt Options like Consolidation

Boomers, do you find yourself considering strategies like debt consolidation to address growing financial challenges? If you are approaching retirement and feeling apprehensive about your finances, you’re not alone. This age group is increasingly putting their own retirement goals on hold to support their adult children and assist their senior parents. As a CIBC poll states, one in four Canadian parents are supporting their adult kids financially, spending an average of $500 per month. Meanwhile, according to a recent survey, a number of children with senior parents expect that they’ll need to help them out financially. Of course, there is […]

The Parent Trap (Infographic)