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Now is the Time to Look Into Debt Options like Consolidation

Boomers, do you find yourself considering strategies like debt consolidation to address growing financial challenges? If you are approaching retirement and feeling apprehensive about your finances, you’re not alone. This age group is increasingly putting their own retirement goals on hold to support their adult children and assist their senior parents. As a CIBC poll states, one in four Canadian parents are supporting their adult kids financially, spending an average of $500 per month. Meanwhile, according to a recent survey, a number of children with senior parents expect that they’ll need to help them out financially. Of course, there is […]

The Parent Trap (Infographic)

What You Should Know to Make Debt Repayment Easier

Even though economists are predicting a slow year for the economy, many Canadians aren’t worried about debt repayment according to a recent Ipsos Reid poll done on behalf of BDO Canada. 49 per cent of respondents said that their debt levels would improve, and 40 per cent said there would probably be no change in their debt. Only 11 per cent of those who responded were actually worried that they would have more debt at the end of 2016. Whether you are an optimist or realist towards your debt, below are some tips to make your debt repayment plans easier. […]

Financial Health Check: Facing Debt Reality (Infographic)

Which Debt Option Suits You Best? A Guide for the New Year

If you have debt, now is the time to learn more about the different debt repayment options and find the one that is right for you. Many consumers can feel overwhelmed by debt companies who offer claims that seem “too good to be true.” In order to make an informed decision regarding your debt, it’s important to learn all the facts regarding services that offer debt help. As inflation in Canada continues to rise, looking into debt options sooner than later can keep you from incurring more debt over the upcoming months. Find a reputable agency The debt relief industry […]